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We Work Hard To Provide You, The Best Quality Of Healthy Snacks & Whole Foods

Chourasiya Quality Foods Private Limited, aims in serving the best quality whole foods and healthy Indian Snack options. Customers can select from our wide range of Premium Indian Snack Foods. We serve Flavoured Chana, Variety of Chikkis, Premium Flavoured Dry-Fruits, lip-smacking Namkeen, Mukhwas & Mouth-Fresheners made from the best Herb-Mixes, etc. 

The products can be consumed by anyone & everyone including Diabetic Patients, Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Old Age People, etc. You can carry some of them with you in your bags to the school, to offices,  picnics and are best when had at Tea time.

Due to its nutritional values, our products can be consumed at anytime, anyplace and by anyone.


From selling, “Roasted Salted Chana” at S.T. Bus Stop of Shikrapur, Pune in 1972, to having more than 3 huge established shops, we happened. We started with an idea of healthy snack foods which will also be delicious and lip-smacking at the same time.

Chourasiya Quality Foods Shikrapur

In 1972 droughts, our small family, commuted from Lucknow(UP) to Shikrapur(Pune). As the conditions got better, Late Shri. Rajaram Benimadhar Chourasiya along with Late Smt. Prabhavati Rajaram Chourasiya, started a small business at a S.T. Bus Canteen of Shikrapur. The business started with a long vision of serving India, with some of the healthiest snacks. 

During our initial days, we had no marketing team. Surprisingly, our customers marketed our products by asking, “I need 4 packets of Chourasiya.” The products are made within a hygienic environment with a premium range of high quality, selected raw material. Most of the products are handmade with a handful of love. Our aim lies in serving best quality Indian Snack Foods.

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